Cant move a video?

This might be in the wrong forum but heres my problem.

Last night I captured some video from my dv camcorder to my c drive. I want to transfer it to my f drive and when I click and drag it there it says theres not enough disk space.

But the video is 20 gb and I have almost 300gb of space in my f drive.

Also why is this video so large in size? Its only about 1 1/2 hour long.

Heres a some info:
I just bought and installed Sony Vegas on my f drive
I just moved a bunch of files to my f drive from my c drive
Its a Acomdata 320gd external drive

Instead of clicking and dragging, try opening explorer, and locating the file, then select the file and select the MOVE option in the left panel on the explorer window.

Is your external drive formated NTFS or another filesystem that can handle files over 4 gig? (ie not FAT32)

Your file is encoded with the DV codec which will produce a file about 13 gigs per hour.

I dont know. How do I find out?

Does my file need to have a codec? How can I have files this large without very rapidly using up my entire external drive?

go to My Computer, right click on the external drives drive letter and select Properties. Under the General Tab in the File System it will tell you how the drive is formatted.

I’m guessing your file is already encoded to DV using the DV Codec. I don’t have Vegas installed on this computer, but you should be able to look at the file properties to see what codec is being used. Video editing takes up a lot of drive space. For me it’s not uncommon to have three or four projects going at once that can easily take up a couple hundred gigs worth of space. Best thing to do is capture the video, edit, then compress to DVD, then delete the DV file… and hang on to the Master tape if it’s something you want to have around in the future.

Thanks demon. You’ve been a lot of help.

My f drive is fat32. I suppose the only way to reformat would be to erase or move everything on the disc, correct?

Also, I suppose I will do as you suggest and compress the file to dvd after editing it. I suppose after editing, to compress it I just save the project to my hardrive?

You can convert the filesystem without formatting or data loss using WinXP convert command
I’ve done it a few times without a problem, but have never tried it on an external drive. I would backup anything important just in case… I’ve never had good luck when Windows reboots to make changes to an external drive (Ghost, etc)

I don’t use Vegas very often, but I would imagine there is an option to render/export your video to MPEG2 video if you don’t want to create a temp file of your final movie. That would be the best way to convert your video with minimal loss of quality.

I formatted my F drive to ntfs and it working good.

Thanks for all the help (so far).