Can't Mount DVDs Burned with 1Click DVD Copy

I have burned over 50 DVDs with 1Click DVD Copy v4.2.9.2 and just discovered that while all of those DVDs play well on my Panasonic set top DVD player, NONE of those discs burned with 1Click will mount on the DVD burner (Lite-On 1673S firmware version J02) and PC (WinXP Pro SP2) on which the DVDs were burned. And those DVDs will not mount (are not recognized as being in the drive) by other PCs or either of the two MacBooks I have tried them in. On Macs, the computer reports that a blank DVD has been inserted and asks what I’d like to do. The only setting I have checked on the Options screen is ‘Movie Menus’.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, removing the LG folder in the Program Files folder and deleting all references to LG Software Solutions from the Windows registry before re-installing the software. I have also removed the software and installed the latest (5.0.18) of the 1Click software and encounter the same problem.

Finally, I am able to burn DVDs with the same hardware using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and all of those DVDs mount successfully on the drive and play on the Panasonic set top DVD player. Based on that information, it seems to me that 1Click DVD Copy is the culprit here rather than the hardware since the hardware can burn and mount DVDs (same 100 pack spindle of media as used with 1Click DVD) created with other software, but can not mount (recognize) DVDs burned with 1Click DVD Copy.

Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.