Can't mount a disc formatted with InCD!

Hello to all Club CD Freaks members. I need help on an issue regarding InCD. My OS is Windows XP SP2. I have InCD version installed, included in Nero 7 Premium package.

I have problems with this version of InCD since the first time I used it. I am able to format a DVD+RW disc using InCD, but then the program fails to mount it. In other words, InCd became useless :frowning: When I open the program even with no disc on the drive, and access the InCD log the first line reads (translating from portuguese to english): “Wrong program definitions in system registry. [LaunchOnBlankDisc] [R]” I tried to uninstall Nero and all its applications using “General CleanTool” I got from, and then reinstalled it but the problem remains! Before that I tried also updating my DVD drive firmware.

You may skip the next paragraph if you want to. :o
I’m not sure but I may have caused the problem described. The first disc I used with InCD had defective sectors. I formatted disc with InCD and could see it had defective sectors. Then tried to copy files to it using Windows explorer, and no error message appeared (differently from what happens now when I try to copy files to any disc formatted with InCD). But then I noticed that my DVD drive led was permanently blinking and there was no way I could eject disk from drive! Then I tried to shutdown Windows but the shutdown became extremely slow and eventually the PC “freezed” during shutdown. I had to reboot my PC by pressing the “reboot button?” below the power button on PC. Since then, I also noticed I could not access to “nero ProductSetup” anymore, it disappeared from Nero toolkit, and from start menu shortcuts. However, that specific problem was solved by using “General Cleantool” and reinstalling Nero 7 Premium.

Anyway, I could use some advice. I haven´t tried yet to use the following tools from Nero: “Driver CleanTool” and “Registry Checker”. I’m afraid that “Driver CleanTool” may delete any drivers necessary for my Drive to work properly. Do you think there is a risk? I anxiously wait for a reply. Thanks in advance.

The correct translation of the InCD log line I referred in my post #1 is: “[B]Incorrect program settings in the system registry. [LaunchOnBlankDisc] [R][/B]” insted of “[B]Wrong program definitions in system registry. [LaunchOnBlankDisc] [R][/B]”.
I switched InCD language settings from portuguese to english so i could make this correction. Sorry for writing it wrongly in the first post.