Can't Make Up My Mine Mac Or Pc



I need help because i’m thinking about buying a laptop i can’t make up my mine mac or pc,what do yall think about the choice, does abody no about both of them thanks.


4 gamez,and progz…
mac 4 the stabilitie of the OS


Mac is a better machine, but for compalabilty and options go for PC.


for heavy work, graphics n stuff: macintosh, defenetivly!
for games, and “easy” work : PC


macintosh is the obvious choice. if compatability is an issue for you, there are programs available to run windows on your mac. any type of program you need for a pc, you will find an equal or better one for a mac. macs are more stable, faster, easier to use, and more reliable. the only drawback to a mac is the price. but think of it this way: you get what you pay for.


Macs looks nicer too… :slight_smile:


Depends on what you are going to use it for. For pure “cuteness”, graphics work, and stability, go with the Mac

If you are going to need more power, play games, and overall compatibility with everything, I would get the PC.

Laptops are tricky, because unlike desktops, there isn’t that many upgrade options.


in addition to my previous reply, i would also like to say that it depends on what you will be using it for. if all you are going to do is type papers and write some email, then any pc laptop will do. but if you want to use it for more, then i would go with a mac ibook. if money isn’t an issue, go with a mac titanium powerbook. if you are looking to get away cheap, then go with a pc.

i’m not sure what SeminoleRob meant by more power, but macs are far more powerful than pc’s when it comes to speed, and workload capacity. mac’s are simply better built so they can handle more at a faster rate.

as far as the game comment, more games are available for pc’s, but almost all of them can be run on mac’s even though they may say they are only compatable on pc’s. but if you want the really good games, they require more computer which points to a mac.

bottom line: it depends what you’re using it for.


Mac if you would run windows on a PC
If you go for a PC, use Linux.

If you are a masochist, user a UNIX with no GUI.