Can't make playable backup of tiger woods 2005 using cloneCd 5



I have no luck at making a playable back up of tiger woods 2005 or unreal tournamment 2004. I have used cloneCd5 and also tried Blindwrite5. Neather will work anyone have suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give me. :bow: :slight_smile:


For Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 this guide will solve your problem. Latest patch removes SecuROM protection which is used on UT2004 so simply update it and play without the disc.


I’m lost update what cloneCD 5??? It is the newest and will not up date. I tried to do it like the guide your showing but that did not work. I don’t understand what you mean play it without the disk? You mean get a no cd crack? Thanks for the help though. :slight_smile:


No! He means go by the guide! No cracks here! :iagree:


Insofar as UT2004 is concerned, what kalas means is that the latest official patch removes all cd checks so that after installing the patch you can legally play the game without any cd in the drive.


This solution is stupid.
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I have reviewed this thread and found it very helpful so far one question though I am using clone cd 5 to do the copy. It talks about checking the hide media which enables the emulation. Does this mean in order for me to play the game on another computer I will need clone cd on the other computer as well? Or is this just something it writes to the cd to make it playable anywhere period?