Can't make my mind



I’m torn between theses burners:

  • Samsung SH-S182M/BEBN
  • LG GSA-H22N
  • LiteOn LH-18A1P
  • Pioneer DVR-111D

They’re all pretty much the same price, what’s your opinion?


Welcome to the forum. The three 18X burners are fairly new and 18X speed is waaaay overrated if you want quality burns. Heck, 16X is overrated. The Pioneer 111 is one of the best burners I have ever seen in a long time.

But if you are in love with 18X burners and want something newer, I would go with the Samsung based on what I have seen reported here.


Thanks. I’ve been a long time lurker (as you can see from my join date).

I don’t necessarily need or want 18X, but most of the burners on sale at my store are 18X… I don’t really have the choice


If you are in the US, has very reliable service and has the 111.


Actually I’m in Canada :slight_smile:
Is the 111 the same as 111D??


The 111D will only read DVD-RAM , not write it like the 111. However, the hardware is the same so most people get the 111D & flash the firmware to the 111 & viola DVD-RAM writing is there.


Thank you all for the advice, I went for the 111D!


Pioneer DVR-111D is the right one to go if you’re not keen on exploring the new stuff.


I’m just gonna get into this thread, sry.

I’m also in the market for new burner and i also cant make my mind between Pioneer, Lite-on or LG and maybe Samsung?

What i really need is -of course- Quality, Blank DVD’s compatibility, and very good read/access speed (since i’m dumping my other DVD-Rom cuz my old PSU cant take it anymore), burn speed for me is not that important.

So which should i go for?

thanx a bunch


Read above, the advice still stands; Pioneer 111.


My old Benq 1620 just died :sad: after many years/burns of great service.
Now I need a new burner (and head is spinning after looking at to many graphs :eek:

I only burn on +R media
TY-002 (idealy the Sony variety) or Verbatim (Times New Roman font on top, you know, the good stuff!)
and ocassionaly +R DL (Verbatim only)

I am only concerned with best burn resulsts with those Media (and I will burn a whatever speed gives best results usually 8x worked great on the old 1620)

Please advise on burners I should consider.
Thanks folks!


Optiarc AD-7170S/Optiarc AD-7170A
Samsung SH-S182D


You could also get another 1620 if you’re still interested in one, it’s still an excellent drive. Incredibly enough, Zipzoomfly has had them in stock again for about the past month, off and on. I ordered one myself, they are new OEM as described.

P.S. - just read the whole thread and saw that the O.P. had a different request. Anyway, nothernpal, my suggestion was directed towards you (you should start a new thread next time, although the question was similar).


What would you choose between NEC/Optiarc AD-7170S and Pioneer DVR-111D? I am primarily concerned with the quality and life of the written disks… Thank you!!




NEC has had a string of very bad PIF peaks in a lot of their drives lately, since the 4570. The Optiarc has the same trouble. No question, the Pioneer.


am in for a new burner to, my NEC 3540A gives me verify errors :sad:
am gonna go for SATA only, no more EIDE/ATA/IDE crap, i have migrated to SATA on alll my harddrives now, so i need a sata burner, so i can finaly disable the ATA channels in BIOS
here is the contenders

NEC AD-7170S SATA (in stock) (18X DVD±R, 16x DVD-ROM)

Samsung SH-S183A SATA (in stock) (18X DVD±R, 16x DVD-ROM)

Asus DRW-1814BLT SATA (not in stock) (18X DVD±R, 16x DVD-ROM)

Plextor PX-760A/T3 SATA (not in stock) (18X DVD±R, 16x DVD-ROM)

Lite-on LH-20A1H-487C (not in stock) (20x DVD±R, 16x DVD-ROM)

can someone see my delema? :bow:


The situation might become worse if you get the SATA DVD now as it’s still in the experimental stage.


The Samsung would be my choice if I were to add an 18X burner, although I would never burn beyond 12X. I would avoid SATA like the plague as it is not at all reliable and many chipsets have a lot of trouble.

If you are not open to IDE, then you should post your motherboard and SATA chipset and see if anyone has direct experience with SATA optical drives. Otherwise you could be stuck with a boat anchor.


i have Abit AT8 Motherbaord (ULI M5288 SATA RAID Controller), i also have a Silicon Image 3132 PCI Express 2-Port Addon card, so i am covered, if the uli dont work correct, i can change to silicon image :clap:

after what i have read, SATA and PATA/IDE is not so much diffrent, SATA can emulate PATA just fine, the problem might come when enabling AHCI mode on SATA, but am not gonna go that way why, last time i had to install the crappy uli driver, that time the system hanged like crazy every hour for 2-3 sec ^^

hope this will cover ^^

i might go for a ASUS or the new Samsung with LightScable :rolleyes: