Cant make good backup of new DBZ Budokai - Tenkaichi

I can make the backup but it loads everything REALLY REALLY slow, when I finally get to loading the practice mode or something it just freezes there. Takes me about 10 minutes to get that far.

I’m using a Lite-On 832S with newest hacked firmware, forget what it was called, CG5J or something like that. I’m using Ridata 4x DVD+R’s, they’ve always worked fine for most of my PS2 backups. I use DVD Decrypter just like I always have before and burn it as slow as it will allow me, 2.4x.

Any suggestions?

First Rule with burning PS2 games NEVER use DVD+R’s use DVD-R and try alcohol 120 it has an option for burning/ripping ps2 games, look at this other post I made:
If you need more help let me know.

Well while I have heard that the PS2 works better with DVD-R than DVD+R I thought that was only with the older model PS2’s, mine is a V9 or 10 or something, I think thats right. Also, I have most of my PS2 game collection backed up to the same DVD+R’s that I’m trying to use now, and they work perfectly fine.

Thank you for the help though, I will give Alchohol a shot tonight, if that doesnt work I’ll try to get some DVD-R’s.

I just installed the latest version of Alcohol 120. I dont have any option under image creation wizard or image burning wizard for “datatype: PS2”. Something I’m missing?

One other program you can use is: DVD Decrypter. Google it for a download. Install it and fire it up. Tell what drive the PS2 disk is in and tell it to read in ISO mode (Mode > ISO > Read). Tell it where to read the ISO to (to you desktop or somthing) Then hit the big button. Once it has read the disk off, put a blank DVD-R in your DVR-RW drive. Put DVD Decrypter into ISO write mode (Mode > ISO > Write), tell it where the ISO and hit the big button again (Keep the burning speed @ 4/8x). And you done. Good luck!


P.s. The reason you can’t tell A120% what datatype to use, is 'cos that only works with CDs. There are no datatypes for DVDs.

Well as I mentioned in my first post I have used DVD Decrypter. Thats how I always make my backups, and I even use DVD+R’s. Neither DVD Decrypter or Alcohol could make a working backup.

I am taking a couple DVD-R’s home from work to try them out, they probably arent the best brand in the world, but we’ll see what happens.

Not true. I have only used DVD+R’s for burned PS2 games and have never had a problem playing them. Not one. This is with a PS2 V9.

And the PS2 Alcohol ripping/burning option is ONLY for PS2 CD’s… PS2 DVD’s are just regular DVD’s that only need a regular DVD iso ripper/burner (such as DVD Decrypter) to back them up.

Jionix have you ever made some backup’s of any PS2 DVD games that worked but everything loaded extremely slow? I think I have the same model PS2 as you.

Never. MGS3 loads a little extra long, but I think that’s just the game itself (never tried the original) and it otherwise plays perfectly.

Have you always used the Ridata 4x DVD+R’s without problem? What type of mod method on your PS2?

Yeah I’ve always used the Ridata 4x DVD+R’s. Maybe 10% of the games I’ve tried to backup havent worked, probably just some other copy method I needed to use but didnt bother with. Otherwise they always work just fine.

I use a Swap Magic disc and a flip top mod.

I tried using a Lite-On DVD-R to backup the game, not the greatest brand disc but I figured what the hell… it gave the same result as my Ridata’s, super long loading times, not even worth trying to play on.

Any other suggestions guys?

The reason why most people say to use DVD-Rs for PS2 back-ups is that, the older PS2s (V1-4 I think) could not read DVD+Rs. As people have later version PS2s here, using DVD+R sould not cause a problem.


Cool thanks for clearing that up.

On another note, I’m still having problems making a backup of this game. Does anyone else have any ideas please?


What version of swap magic?

I made a copy and use swapmagic 3.0 and my ps2 is version 9 it still dont work
my other games work fine . Tenkaichi use to work then stoped all of a sudden now it gos blank and dont load. Also there are no scratches on it.


all my other games work tho