Can't make dump

I have an original copy of Halo and i’m tired to have to insert the cdrom everytime i want to play it. I want to make a copy of the disc to mount it in alcohol, but i can’t get it to work. THe protection is safedisc 2.7 (clonyXXL). When i try to copy it it keeps giving errors, and it goes so slow it would take 3 days to make a copy. How can i work around this? And will i still need a crack for running it without the cdrom in the cddrive?
I’m totally new to the world of copying discs so excuswe me if tis is a stupid question. I’ll be reading here to become a cd copy master :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

It really depends on your drive as to whether it can copy safedisc 2.7, so you should tell us what your drive is. Another thing is, it takes any drive a while to get past the initial errors of safedisc, so ahve you tried just sitting there for 15 minutes to see if it progresses at all? Lastly, no you will not the cd if you get a crack. That’s the whole point to NO-CD cracks. I’d be happy to share some good sites (PM) if your interested.


  • ben :slight_smile:

My writer is a Lite-On LTR-52327S. I haven’t tried waiting for 15 minutes, i’ll try it in a sec. But you mean that even if i make an “exact” copy of the original cd and mount it, i will still have to use a crack? I was running the game with a no-cd patch but then it took too long for the updated crack to come out so i bought the game and thought that if i made an image of it and mount it it would be exactly the same as inserting the cd-rom in the drive. But well, i’ll find it somewhere :wink:

:slight_smile: hey ben you dont have to scream it out loud or nothing like you said us PM to say stuff like that