Can't make boot cd?

Converted this program from home ed to corporate edition. Tried to burn it onto a cd using both nero and cdrwin. Turned it into an ISO made boot img, did everything as per program but the cd won’t read. I did notive that when I was burning some movies using Nero, I would have to burn 1 clip then continue multi-session and burn another before I could fill up the whole CD. Any ideas what is wrong?

The thing you have to use a multisession cd to make more than one file on a cd is really weird.

In default Nero comes up with a wizard. You just select data cd and you drag all your files on the left side (the compilation of the cdrom to be made). Naturally you can’t write on the cd than the maximum available space on it (650 or 700 megs per default).

To make a bootable cd is however one other thing.
The only thing that makes a cd bootable is that it uses an image of a 1.44mb floppy disk (which is bootable by itself of course).
That’s the nice bootcat.img file that’s gonna appear on the cd.
Naturally you can write more files on the cd (and in the same session).

When you boot with this cd it reads the image ; When using a dos or win9x bootfloppy , it follows the io.sys , msdos.sys , , config.sys and autoexec.bat stored in that image and stops then. (or runs setup.exe to install windows).


Go to and look for boot-cd. Its about half down the page.

I have a modified boot disc that does xp pro, server and win 2000 pro using this method. You will need a app that they have links to that are freeware. The only problem is that is dos-window based and doesnt have a pretty gui. I believe it was Barts way was the link.

I downloaded Windows XP boot disk professional, do I burn this onto the CD with XP or do i burn it to a seperate disk. ie: Delete HDD put in boot disk then it does it’s thing then I put in the XP disk I have?