Can't make audio cd



I got the latest version of nero but the function: “create audio cd” doesn’t work. I have already failed 7-8 cd’s because of this problem.

I mailed the nero support and they told me to download and reinstall my nero, but still the problem is present.

I have tried with both nero express and with nero rom, but it doesn’t work.

Can anybody help me, please?


When you uninstalled Nero, did you use the cleaning tools? If not, maybe try it that way, it may help rid your computer of all Nero files. The first three will be what you need.

Cleaning Tools


What exactly happens when you try to make the cd? Do you get any kind of error messages?


No, I didn’t tried any cleaning tools, but maybe I should.

When i f.ex. start nero express I drag and drop the chosen tracks into the nero. When I start burn it begin very normal but suddenly a box appears which says that it can’t be burn because of the chosen burning-speed which is the lowest I can chose: 10x


Digidave, I downloaded those cleaning tools. After having runned the general clean tool I did run Registry Checker and DriverClean Tool, but they couldn’t find any drivers. So I guess they must have been deleted in the first process?


I used the cleaning tools, made a reinstallation and now it works. So I don’t have this kind of problems now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Great!! Glad to see I could help.