Cant make audio cd-s with nero 8

It keeps giving me this :
“It may be possible, that the files can be added, if a dedicated plug-in is installed.”

If i click ok, it says “no compatible files found”

help out please, im not a nero god :sad:



Welcome to CD Freaks.

No idea what your second post means. :confused:

Rather than use Nero for creating/burning Audio CDs I’d much prefer the free Burrrn ( . All it does is Audio CDs from a wide range of formats & is much better than Nero for this.

Thank you my dear man! This board is great is swear to god! :smiley:
Ill be back with feedback:P

P.S. - TLDR - too long didnt read

its… well… i hang around on other forums, where trolls have their ways :smiley:

Thanks again

Edit : Server down :(( beeing rebuilt…

How did get Nero 8?, where did you get from?.