Cant Make any backups, Need help!

I have a Plextor Burner 40/12/40. Model PX-W4012TA. And a LG CD-ROM CRD-8521B. I have treid the sims and a few other games using Clone CD4. I have used the preset game settings for burning and still no luck. Have downloaded the patch so I can amplify the weak sectors and still nothing. the game backups seem to work but while installing have and error on files and stop. And they wont run the game from the install of the original. I am seeking help, hints and maybe setting ajustments I have to make so I can back up my games.


Playing from your writer?
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Do you mean when trying to copy or play the game itself. I have tried burning the game from the burner to burner and from doing it CD-ROM to burner. And then I haver tried playing the game on the burner and cdrom and it seems to run fine but then during its install there is always a file error durring the install

Also should I use cloneCD 4 or the last version of 3??

I am trying the sims to get exp. i can get them to burn and install but when go to play them they say insert the proper cd.

My version of The Sims is SafeDisc 2, but an older version of SD2…

SafeDisc:[ul][li]Just about every burner, including the TEAC 55S can do SafeDisc.[]Start a read to disc with FES set to auto (default for game CD profile).[]If the errors start and it’s an older game then you know what you’ve got![]Rugby 2001 is a good (Rugby Playing Country!) example of SD (v1.45.011)[]The Sims is SD v2.10.030. AOE is SD v1.50.020.[/ul]SafeDisc 2:[ul][]Started with Red Alert 2. The Yuri patched .exe is SD v2.05.030. The unpatched .exe is v2.00.xx. A LOT of writers can do this prot version (even Samsung chipped Ricohs!). Same deal as SafeDisc but you need a writer that can ‘sort of’ do correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns. Hitman is SD v2.05.030, same as the patched RA2 and is not a soft touch[]Operation Flashpoint is SD v2.30.031 as a matter of interest and it was 2.3 that really needed a good EFM writer. SD v2.30.033 is found on Max Payne and is one of the first ‘hard’ SD 2 versions - it made more headlines than OFP for some reason, maybe popularity. The official patch takes MP to which has the notorious ATIP check[]Harry Potter was an early SD v2.4 (v2.40.010) but the ATIP check wasn’t really discovered until Madden NFL TM 2002 hit the stands (also SD v2.40.010). Ghost Recon is SD v2.40.010 as well[]Tiger Woods Golf was the last SD2 that we knew well at v 2.51.020 - Philips, Acers, Plextors could all do SD2 up to this version[*]Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Serious Sam:SE, Renegade and others saw SD v2.51.021 - the killer protection.[/ul][/li]Follow the advice given and answer the questions posed so far - stay in touch.

btw use v4001

I am having a pain in the %$# problem burning hot date and sims vacation. I have ajusted the CDCLONE. I have heard that you have to hide the CDR mode in windows but cant find how. I am using XP. And maybe recomended settings for CLONECD 4 would be helpfull from anyone. Thanks for the help so far.

The recommended settings in CloneCD are not relevant anymore. Just use the default Game Profile which should work fine. You can enabled Hide CDR Media in your Windows tray. If it’s disabled for your country check this thread for a tool to enable it. The tray icon should look something like a sheep right next to your Windows clock:

You can also just try playing the back-ups from a normal CD-ROM which cannot read the ATIP information.