Can't Make A Working Copy of a GM Navigation DVD

I have wasted 3 of the DVD+R DLs I bought. I have done tons of searching and followed all the directions and this will not work. I know the book type needs to be set at DVD-ROM, but it still isn’t working. I used ImgBurn to create the image and then burn the image to a DVD with all the default settings. That didn’t work. Then I found the option to set the book typing and then I tried to burn another copy using the same image at 1x speed and it took 20+ minutes burning the lead in. So I tried to abort it and it wouldn’t stop so I used the task manager to close ImgBurn and then I had to restart the computer to get the drive to open. Then I burned it again the same with the speed to MAX (which I believe selected 2.4x) and it gave me a bunch of errors first (one was something about an option field wrong and a power calibration area) but then it retried it and it burned. I have two drives in this computer, the first is a gsa-h11n and came with the computer (Gateway) and the second is a NEC ND-3500AG. I used the first drive for the first copy attempt and the NEC for the second and thirt attempts. I’m using Memorex DVD+R DL media from Office Depot. I’m pretty sure the NEC drive supports the setting Book Type, but I also have a TSSTcorp TS-T632A drive in my laptop.

This DVD is from 2006 and is for the Delphi nav units.

So am I doing something wrong? I really want to make a backup of this DVD, these things are too fricken expensive not to have one.


You have to have the right equipment… the version I have is GM Part Number 25847541. I have this DVD and was able to make a backup copy that works perfectly!

Basically you have to have a DVD recorder that supports writing the booktype to ROM. If it doesnt then you cant make a backup… I used NERO’s free version and it worked the first time on my computer but my laptop didnt work… I did some research on the DVD writers in both computers and it turns out the one in my laptop will not write booktype ROM.

Im sure this is the same with most the NAV DVD’s out there.

If you are making coasters its because your writer is not what you need… its as simple as that!

If you need help obtaining a working backup copy of the part number I have you can still PM me! I would like to obtain the latest GM part Number 25956245 Nav DVD. Anyone? Ill back it up for you? I do have the 08 version though if anyone is interested.


Dear rhuisman, I suggest you read our forum rules requarding crossposting, I have dleted your other post exactly like this in the Fab Forum and I will have the others in Copy Protection also deleted. Please do not do this again.:wink:

IM sorry… and I have GM part Number 25956245 and successfully backed it up for my own personal use. :slight_smile: