Can't login on mainpage / can't change my password for mainpage

when i want to post a reaction to a thread… i know my username and password. but when i want to post a reaction to a news post, the same does not work. just how many passwords are there for this site. i am getting confused. i need help from one of the admin people please…

If you had searched a bit in this forum, then you would have known that forum and newsite require different logins and thus both need registration. However, in the knew layout both should be united so you better pick the same name and password on the newssite as on the forum.

ok… first of all i registered as a new user when i wanted to react to a news posting. my new password was emailed to me. now i want to change it but dont know how. help…

Once you’re logged in on the mainpage you can select preferences in the login menu.

There you can change your password.

Then a few tips for you in general:

[li]Please use the search before you ask a question, the last three questions from you could have easily been answered that way;
[/li][*]Please use a more describing title, so people can tell what your post is about by reading its title. Titles such as ‘Help…’ are very annoying and you can save me time and agrevation by describing your problem in your title[/ul]

All problems are solved. Advice from Tax has been taken seriously. Thanx a lot again.