Can't login automatically

I have a problem!

I can’t seem to logon automatically anymore, even though it’s setup correctly in my options (cookies on).

I have my browser setup to accept all cookies. I’m using Opera 6.02. The problem appears only at this site: when I close my browser, upon reopening my saved CD Freaks Forum pages shows as ‘blank’. I’ve rtried all kinds of things for hours now and can’t figure what’s wrong, I’m at my wit’s ends.

Hope this is the right place to post this!

HELLLP! :confused:

Uninstalling and reinstalling Opera from scratch after cleaning the Registry solved some issues, now I can start automatically in the forums again (instead of getting a blank page), but I still can’t login automatically… Ah well! :frowning:

Got to get to work, I have a heavy day tomorrow.

Automatic login is strictly a cookie setting.
Check a firewall if you have one, or your general cookie settings in your profile.

It also helps to use one of the addresses belof to browse this forum:

Or if above addresses fail (eg because of faulty DNS), this one might help:

Thanks buddy, it was definitely an obscure configuration problem, I guess it must have been a corrupt configuration file. Deleting the existing configuration files then rebuilding them from scratch ( and opera6.ini for those who’d like to know) solved the issue.

I guess I have to thank Bill Gates, bullies & co. for their efforts to keep control on user’s machines as it all started when I made a mistake I rarely make, ‘upgrade’ my version of Internet Exploder. :frowning: (That term, by the way, is from a real life support line conversation :bigsmile: )

I’ll keep the alternate addreses just in case :slight_smile: