Can't log in, had to create a new account

dear admin, i can’t log into herojig userid so created a duplicate account sans the profile. can you fix for me? I keep getting that unauthorized screen AFTER cdfreaks takes my userid/password, ie I can get in but can’t do anything.
herojig2 aka herojig

An admin has reactivated your herojig account, so you should be able to log on to the mainpage as well as the forum again. :slight_smile:

Apparently it appears like you changed your e-mail address of your original account as the status of it showed “Awaiting e-mail confirmation”. When ever you change the e-mail address in your account, a confirmation e-mail is sent out to the new address you specify and the account is disabled temporarily until you click the activation link you receive in the confirmation e-mail. This also means that if you have a spam filter on the new e-mail address you specify, have a check in the bulk/spam folder just in case it catches it.

On the other hand, if you have not received a confirmation e-mail for your original account, just check that you entered the e-mail address correctly. You can check this by going into your user control panel and clicking “Edit Email & Password” from the left panel.