Cant load purchased program on 2 puters

Hello all, came across this site for some help, and found “wow” this site has a ton of info on so many items. Deff glad I signed up. Heres my issue. 2 years ago I bought a labor time guide cd. Its original with product key. I want to install it on my lap top. Problem is, I already installed it on my home puter when I first bought the cd. Now, it wont let me load it on the laptop once it comes time to register it online. I called the company and was told I need to pay 80$ for a copy write transfer? I already paid 130$ for the cd! Is there a way around this?

Just my opinion on this .
The company the software is from has your Home puter ID # with the original registration.In their computers. There is no way for you to change this yourself.
So unless the company is willing to make the change for no cost you will have to pay them.
You might try going up two or three levels of management with this company & try to negotiate.If it’s worh your time.
Sometimes upper level management will do what lower level can’t or won’t do.
Because if you are able to talk to them you are costing that company more time & money.At some point you cost them more than they are saving by no giving you the transfer.
Of course you could end up with a NO & a waste of you time as well.
I doubt making a backup with software that removes copy protection would work.

damn, I should have bought the book… even though it weighs 20 pounds. grrr:a

If this is a book on DVD I would give something like AnyDVD a try on making a backup.
It has a free trial so it wouldn’t cost you anything to try.
I have some information somewhere on electronic books .I don’t know if it would apply .If I can find it I will post it.
Read this link & see if it would apply.It is what I was looking for above.

You might also search around in this section of the forum there might be some useful info in there.

Thank you for the leads, I’ll take a look.