Can't load page under Android's FF anymore


Have been viewing this Forum both on desktop and mobile phone environments. However, just recently I realize the page does NOT load anymore on Android’s FF and that only a white page is present.

My phone is still on Android 4.4.x but FF version is the latest.

What happened exactly? Can someone help??


Perhaps you should give the admins a specific URL that doesn’t load. Also, do you have any addons installed? Do you have any other browsers that might work?


I’m able to access the main myce page, but anything under (forum page) cannot be viewed and only yields a blank page.

I also have Chrome installed and it was able to load the pages in question. But that was a few weeks ago. Now both Chrome and FF (under Android 4.4.x) have the same problem and CANNOT load the pages concerned.

The FF only has one default add-on installed (an H264 video plugin) and nothing else.

I don’t know what’s going on. Weeks ago those pages (esp. Form threads) did load properly without issue. But now after repeated reloads only white pages are seen. Clearing the browser caches wouldn’t help either.

Can somebody help?


Noticed this on a non-Android device as well. Switched to the request desktop mode and it loaded as normal.


Odd. I can’t seem to reproduce this issueon my tablet, which is running Waterfox on Android 7.1.2.

I am, however, having trouble with Firefox on an old Android 4.1.2 phone. Pretty much everything on there fails to load. (See my screenshot).

Firefox on Android 5.1 seems to work correctly.
So, maybe this is some kind of Android <5.x issue?

Does your issue look anything like mine?


My case is worse than yours – simply a WHITE blank page, no headers whatsoever…

Switching to “desktop mode” does NOT rectify the problem on both Chrome and FF.

BTW my Note2 is still running on 4.4.2
All these symptoms didn’t happen until a month or so ago


The problem still persisted since my last post until just a day or so ago when suddenly everything works normal again and the Forum pages and threads can be loaded normally (just like the older days)…

What happened, did the site admin change certain codes etc. to restore compatibility or whatever…??


Yes, I finally found a fix for the issue, but forgot to report. It has an unfortunate side effect that now there are too many ads on mobile. I’m looking to fix that as well.


I don’t seem to have noticed any ads when viewed on mobile. Even if there’s an ad I only see blank space.