Can't load BW4 images with BW5

I can’t load Blindwrite 4 images with Blindwrite 5 lastest version!
The program log file tells me <<"file not found or “unreadable”. Can’t load BWT file!>>

These images work perfeclty with BLINDWRITE 4.5.7!

What can i do?

I have a PLEXTOR PREMIUM and i would to know if there is a “writing improvement” for SECUROM & Premium with Blindwrite 5.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

no, there isn’t, except from that BW5 will burn at 8x instead of 4x with BW 457.

but IMHO, BW5 is doing too many things automatically, so I stick to BW457 for all the SecuROM stuff - works absolutely perfect with my premium…

ps: i did also try the BW5, but i find it too complicated using the tweaker for every “perfect” securom burn i want to make… and i don’t trust in BW5 not to do any strange things if i’d NOT use the tweaker… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

so, IMHO, for plex premium users there is no advantage of using BW5

Are these images you made yourself with BW4?
Does it do this with ALL BW4 images?

Ben :slight_smile:

Yes i do myself these images with BW4 plus BWA!
It do this with “Demon stone” and “Legacy of Kain Defiance” securom images!
But it can load “Hitman 3 CONTRACTS” BW4 image!