Can't install win7 from usb with a second one put in




When the other usb-stick is being pulled, Win7 installs perfectly.

The first usb-stick (the one with the Win7 DVD files) is formatted with Vista’s diskpart as follows: Primary partition, set to active, fat32. The second stick: Formatted with Vista’s diskpart as well, primary partition, not set to active, fat32.

Many thanks for reading.


Is that on a laptop or desktop install? I read your signature but don’t know what your installing a 7 on what system??? So a hardware specs would help those with similar install to know what is going on?? I read of how to install from usb but so far the laptop I installed on have cd/dvd drive so I didn’t need a usb install. Otherwise you might have to get a cd/dvd external drive usb connection and try to install it from the dvd and see if it works. And the way you have your usb formatted was that custom or did you follow some instructions on how to create it on usb??? Just by the read of it confuses me maybe because I don’t use usb sticks to install O/S but cd/dvd drives.


Many thanks for reading and answering!! It’s the desktop-system in the signature.

It has an ODD of course, the DRU-870S in the sig. It’s just simply the fact that I switched to re-install OS, drivers etc. from a USB-stick. It’s much easier and the burner is left alone with simple work-horse jobs like general, system related installation processes, and installing from my USB-stick with the win7 files works perfectly. The stick is formatted the following way (with Vista’s diskpart):

4GB stick one (Win7 files from my 100% genuine DVD):

clean all
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 label=“USB1”

4GB stick two (drivers etc.):

clean all
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 label=“USB2”

The problem only occurs when the other USB-stick is installed at the same time. It’s not a big problem of course, since I simply have to use only one at a time and it works perfectly. But now I’m too much into this. I’m absolutely sure that somehow it works with both sticks installed as well. My brain is spinning around it like mad (I already have a headache) but I still don’t get to the key idea. Internet wasn’t of help either.

Why on earth does Win7 block the installtion with the second USB-stick installed at the same time? That’s the question… :frowning:


It sounds like your making more work for youself in just doing a install from the cd/dvd drive would be my choice to install desktop or laptop.