Can't install ratDVD 0.78.1444


Sorry, for my bad english.

I have for month this version installed, but when i would started the programm they come a error and i must deinstalled it, but they come a error too. Also i must delete the ratDVD 0.78.1444 folder.

So my problem is i can’t install ratDVD 0.78.1444 any more. Every time i become a error while i install it. See here:

and here:

Have the same problem! (XP SP2 / AMD X2 3800+)

Any solutions yet???

I ran into a similar problem, solution in my case was to close (or uninstall) ati tray tools while installing or executing ratdvd.

Wow … I was having the exact same problem … I just exited ATI Tray Tools, then ran the RatDVD installer again … worked like a charm! How’d you figure that one out?? :slight_smile:

cannot uninstall ratdvd