Can't install programs :(

Can anyone help me?? I can’t seem to install any new programs into my laptop. Everytime i try to do it Roxio comes up and says- burn image to a cd???:a For example a friend of mine gave me a cd with Rhino+Vray and when I open the folder it has 5 sub-folders- titled step 1 etc… under step 1, it has Rhino although the logo is of Roxio, and when i click on it only Roxio comes up… and it only happens with my computer… does anyone have a similar problem or know why that is?? I would be so greatful for help .:sad:

Have you tried uninstalling Roxio? Even as a temporary measure it may solve the problem.

i did try but i forgot to take my friends cd out of the laptop so it took his rhino as a roxio and uninstalled it from a cd too :frowning: even worse …

It could only erase a program from a disk if the disk is a re-writeable cdrw, dvdrw or dvdram.

Rhino is a very expensive program, and doesn’t come on re-writable disks. Nor can I find it bundled as a retail purchase along with Vray. Vray can be purchased separately as a plug-in.

We have to be careful of illegally obtained software discussions on these forums, so unless you can show me how these programs came to be in your possession on a re-writeable disk, I’m afraid I will have to close the thread.

it’s not illegal, my friend is from a very wealthy family plus he gets student discount. If it’s writable or re-writable i have no idea or how it happened, because i know nothing of computers.

I’m afraid that isn’t enough proof of ownership to continue the discussion here. Please speak to your friend about the disk being erased.

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