Can't install Nero help (UNNERO.cfg error during language pack install)


Help with help! I’ve had this problem before and can’t find my notes about how to get past this. Experiencing a nasty Alcohol 120% problem I uninstalled Nero during debugging. Nero installs OK, but I can’t get help to install. I’ve got the right language pack, but when I execute it I get the attached error. Help and suggestions much appreciated. The only thing I can find out there are some instructions about how to get around this written in Spanish, and even after translating them they didn’t help.


: س لماذا لايمكنني تثبيت نيرو

[QUOTE=jasem;2652679]: س لماذا لايمكنني تثبيت نيرو[/QUOTE]
مرحبا جاسم، وهذا هو منتدى باللغة الإنجليزية فقط، لدينا ومع ذلك المحافل الدولية ولكنها لا تشمل اللغة العربية.:confused: ( Hi jasem, this is an English only forum, we do however have international forums but they do not include Arabic.) Google Translate:) And I have no idea why you cannot install Nero. We would need more information on your system, in English.