Cant install Nero 6

I have been using Nero 6 for the past year, never had any problems til recently, so I tried uninstalling old software, deleted all AHEAD registries, rebooted, inserted the Nero disk in my CD-ROM drive and it wont open program to begin installing. I then played DVD’s, other CD-ROM disks, audio disks and everything works fine except for Nero, this Nero CD was bought at a retail store, have product key code, etc. Has only been install twice on my computer,and has been stored safely. Is there another way to open this program?

You can try going to the Nero website and download Nero general clean tool, run the app then restart and reinstall. This normally fixes glitches like the one you are having. Let us know.:slight_smile:

tried the general clean tool,restarting,then nothing.I even tried extracting the setup.exe with winrar(something I read at nero) nothing.once in a while I can click on ne631_20 d: then I click on setup.exe sometimes It will start to run then it will crash.I just dont know . I will keep reading and searching but thanks for your help