Can't Install my LG 4163b



When I put in my LG 4163, when i try and add the new hardware i get this error message

  • Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I don’t really know what this means or how to correct it, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

PS>THe power is aok, i.e the drive opens


Have you jumpered the drive correct as either master or slave.

Windows should recognize the automatic. What version are you using.

Try to delete the drive in system manager and reboot.


I am using Windows XP, I tried deleting the drive and rebooting but i get the same problem, i don’t quite know what u mean by jumpering the drive but i tried plugging it in with both of the 2 available ide cables


he means if you set jumpers right, on the back side of the drive you have to select master/slave/cable select - so if you have two appliances on one ide cable one must be set as master and second as slave (or cable select - i don´t use this), otherwise it won´t work


A couple of relevant Microsoft support articles. Try the fixes described in them.
CD-ROM Access Is Missing and Messages Cite Error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19, or Code 39 After You Remove Easy CD Creator in Windows XP
CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive appears to be missing after you install Windows XP


if your ide cable only plug the 4163b,you dont need to set jumper
if you plug two devices,you should to set jumper
the one is master,the other is slave
if you dont know how to do,just remove the other device
then 4163b can work perfect correctly


I know what jumpers are and how they work, just didn’t know their names… I don’t have another drive connected, just the one drive being replaced thanks agent009 for your links, mucxh appreciated :smiley:


does it work now?


Hi had the same problem… Ran a Virus scan and picked a virus up. delete the virus using Stinger. Then installed the hardware and it worked.