Can't install itunes

I am trying to install itunes on my daughter’s laptop (Dell Isnpiron 1521 Athlon 64x2 2gb windows vista. Logged on as Administrator.) as she has today bought an ipod nano 4th gen.

It is driving me mad as part way through it displays an error message “The older version of Apple Software update cannot be removed. Contact your technical support.” If I click ok (no other options) and continue into the install, “The older version of Quick Time cannot be removed…” appears at the Removing Applications stage. Ok then leads to the next message "“The installation of Quick Time did not complete successfully. Itunes requires QuickTime.” A dialogue box “Itunes Installer was Interrupted” leads to finishing the install unsuccessfully.

I cannot uninstall Quick Time or Apple Software Update from the Uninstall list in Control Panel either and a dialogue box reads “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable…” WHAT!?

Please help. How can I clean quick time etc from the laptop and install the latest itunes and quicktime?


Try this:

Worked a treat - thanks very much! spent 4 hrs trawling internet looking for help on how to get rid of these progs and do clean install.

I’ve put Revo on both laptops here and it looks like a really neat program.

I used that for along time Whappo but now that I have a 64bit OS it does not support it.:sad: