Cant install Game

Hello I downloaded and burned one of those japanese hentai games I used nero to burn the iso image everything goes smooth when I put the

dvd in it shows the following

(incd drive will mount for read only access)

when I try to install the game it shows it installing then i get what looks like a msi error cant really tell it’s in japanese

I check my drive properites it did say it was a mount rainer mrw but i went back and checked now it does not but it still does the same thing
I enclosed a cople pictures
any help would be appreciated


Hard to tell without being able to read it. Could be a bad burn, a corrupt image, or it may be copy protected in some way. To rule out your burn, you could simply mount the image using a virtual drive.

Tried Daemon but that didnt work how ever I got into the program files them self and were abale to access it that way only bad thing I thought I could play it but it’s going to take me a while as i do not read japanese

Hmm I wonder if there is a convert japanese game to english game program out there some where :slight_smile: Oh well thanks anyway :slight_smile: