Can't install game to XBOX hard drive

I have a chipped Xbox and I tried to install my game Tony Hawk’s - American Wasteland onto the hard drive, but after checking the disc it said that the file name was too long. Is there anyway I can change the file name so that it will install?

As far as I know there is no fix for Tony Hawks AW. As the Xbox cannot handle long filenames from the HDD that is why it does not work. It is some kind of lame protection. It could be patched but seems none of the groups felt it as a must.:slight_smile: Some guys reported successfull patching using XBEPatcher and no reports about freezing later in the game though the tool did not do that much except truncate the long filenames. (to be honest, you should to locate the filename references manually in the game and rewrite them all to have a proper stuff. The tool I talked about won’t do that for you and the solution it offers is good for a try but it cannot be called perfect) Though you cannot lose that much, google for that and give it a try.

regards, Stephen

Something else you could try is to ftp it to pc and then reneme it and then burn it or ftp it back.

Renaming is not needed if he’s going to burn it, as the Xbox DVD file system is different from its HDD filesystem. That’s why for example this game works fine from DVD-R but does not work from HDD. As the Xbox can read the long filenames from the DVD media but the FatX filesystem has a limited filename length. As the game uses longer filenames on DVD when you copy those files to the HDD they simply cannot be copied, or the filenames will be truncated. Both will result in either a Disk Read Error or in a Dirty Disk Error. As said, one should rename the long filenames, plus search for those filaname references in the executable file and edit those aswell. (as if I had written that game I also would have added a crc check against editing the XBE, and that also must have been “cracked”… not that a big deal for experts, but would stop a lot of beginers)

regards, Stephen

I see what you mean, but how do I search for the references in the .exe file?

Will post you a PM sometime soon still tonight with details.

regards, Stephen

can you email the details please. 11:40pm here - off to bed!


i used dvd2xbox to copy it directly to the hard drive, instead of my usual method of ftping it over from the computer.

it worked fine… i’m not sure if dvd2xbox automatically truncates file names or what… but i didn’t have any problems running the game of the HD

What version of DVD2Xbox did you use? The newest version 0.7.3 doesn’t seem to work for me… (unrecognized disk).


Dooh! Silly me… I didn’t give DVD2Xbox time to recognize the disk. Took a while…
Anyway, all is well and playing/backing up fine now…


Hey Guys,

I am using DVD2XBOX and it seems like it is freezing and will not let me push the A button. I am using version 0.4.9. Does anyone have any suggestions. Greatly appreciated. The game I am trying to burn is tony hawk: american wasteland. I copied midnight club 3: DUB Edition remix yesterday, becasue the game name was too long. Anyways, enought rambling, thanks again.


im having a bit of a prob im using dvd2xbox and when i try to copy it to my xbox it gets stuck at 4% i am aware of the protetion but is there a way around to some kind of loophole?