Can't install DVDFab on Vista


Downloaded the latest version of DVDFab and tried to install it on my brand new Samsung laptop with Vista Ultimate. But I got a windows error message saying something like “The program does not work anymore”. I tried it over and over again with no other result. The same file works great on my XP computer, so there is no problem with it. Is there an issue with Vista?
Help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hmmmmm, I’ve heard that Vista is designed to honor many protections, i.e., it won’t allow the use of “region free” DVD Drives - they must be fixed to a single region code to honor the region on the CD.

I wonder if Vista is giving you that message - meaning that Microsoft has written OS code to block DVDFab’s usage?

Try this
To add a program to the DEP Exception List
1.) Open "Control Panel"
2.) Click on "System and Maintenance"
3.) Click on "System"
4.) On the left side click on "Advanced System Settings"
you will be asked for permission to continue, click continue
5.) Click on the Advanced tab and then on “Settings” in the Performance area
6.) Click on the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) tab
7.) Put a tick in the little circle next to “Turn on DEP for all programs and services
except those I select” and click on the “ADD” button and
browse for and click on the .exe file for DVDFab or
any other App then click “Open” now click “Apply” then "OK"
and close all open windows and your done.

Thanks to my friend Stormjumper

Thanks for your answer. I already tried this with no success. This works only for programs that are installed. Installation freezes right after installing the burning engine, a few seconds later I get that message from vista that the program doesn’t work anymore.
Any more ideas?

Hi RoterHugo,

Please wait until VSO burning engine is installed, it may need tens of seconds.

Best Regards,

You mean the installation doesn’t stop when that message appears? Well, I try and tell. Thanks so far!


That Vista window (Programm doesn’t work anymore. Search online for solution or click here to abort) appears as soon as DVDFab says: “finishing installation”. The burning engine does not cause the problem, it is properly installed. When I click “search online…” the window disappears and the installation process finishes, but when I start the program I get that error message again. Any more ideas?

Search for Stormjumpers complete uninstall-re-download and reinstall, is in his signature.Edit: here is the link

Did that step by step, didn’t work. :sad:

Well, it seems that nobody has another idea of how to get this thing to work. I keep on trying and let you know, ok? Thanks so far!!!


The solution is as simple as it is dumb. The install folder must be “C:Program Files”. In my case it was another folder. I changed it and it works fine now.

GREAT! glad to hear that you got it working and happy burning, BTW welcome to the Fab Forum