Can't install CCE 2.50

I had 2.50 installed, then switched to 2.67. I then uninstalled 2.67, but now I can’t install 2.50 again. Instead of installing, it just says:“nothing to be installed”.
I did a file search and registry search and deleted everything, but still no joy. Any ideas?

Both cce 2.50 and 2.67 (and other versions as well) can all co-exist and be installed on one PC. I have both 2.50 and 2.66 installed into 2 differet folders and can run either (or both). They both have their own registry entries (nothing common) so are really just 2 different programs as far as Windows is concerned.

Yeah, but 2.50 won’t install in either case

Sounds like you have a problem with the 2.50 exe install, suggest downloading it again from download section.

Originally posted by ChickenMan
Sounds like you have a problem with the 2.50 exe install, suggest downloading it again from download section.

Did that, no joy.

Hmm, that is very strange. You can try having someone who already has it installed to zip the files and you can extract them to a directory and see if it runs ok, or run the uninstall exe. Good luck,


I think I’m giving up on CCE and DVD2SVCD, nothing but trouble and never has worked anyway.

If your downloaded a fresh copy of cce 2.50 and it cant be installed then I suggest you have a OS problem. There should be absolutely no reason at all why CCE cant be installed assuming your OS is insatlled and working fine.

Was finally able to install it by using the “stand-alone” option.
Not that it matters, it still doesn’t actually work.

yes…you should have used the stand-alone version. The plugin can be used with adobe premiere, which is a nice combo.

why doesn’t it work for you? Is it dvd2svcd that you have probs with? because it does all the settings for cce.

Err, what other option would you use? Premiere plugin? No wonder it wasn’t copying files =. Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on WHAT doesn’t work then you will likely be pointed in the correct direction to remedy the problem. Seems more constructive, no?


I’ve post the problems in a couple places already, no sense in repeating it here. CCE will not render any AVI that I’m able to create, it just freezes.

You’re probably best off frameserving via AVISynth instead of trying to import it straight in. CCE doesn’t decode YV12, so the ConvertToYUY2() will be helpful, as will the addaudio script, and avisynth is versatile! I’m sure you’ll find other uses for it besides that. What are you trying to import, exactly? DivX/XviD?