Can't install BlindWrite suite

Hi, everybody.

First: sorry for my english, i am spanish.

I am trying to install BlindWrite Suite 4.2.1, 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

But the installation stop and the two scsi drivers lights, and lights,
and never stop until i reboot my pc.

Someone can help me?

My Pc:
Pentium III, 733. Ram 256 Mb
IDE Hd: Seagate 40 Gb, Fujitsu 20 Gb.
IDE CDROM: Toshiba 1502 DVD, PlexWriter 241040A
SCSI CDROM: UltraPlex 40 Max, Yamaha 8824S


PS: Its seems to be a problem with the scsi system, i uninstall the two scsi drives and blindwrite installs and work.

PSII: I reinstall the two scsi drivers, and Blindwrite or Blindread does not work. I don’t know whats happen.