Can't install audio driver

I have a computer that was working great. I changed the HD to remove my 1 TB HD and installed a 320 GB HD. Now I can’t get the audio to work.

I have tried manually installing the driver. Tried uninstallling the driver in Device Manager, even tried using a driver update utility. But every time I get a message installation failed.

In looking at some technical data sheets I saw where many inputs came into the audio drive and one left the audio driver and went to something called and I/O controller. The I/O controller is 81280FB[ICH6]. I went to device manager and saw nothing with this name on it. Below is a screen shot of all 81280 system devices listed. Could someone tell me if any of the listed devices is the I/O controller or if I need to download and install the ICH6 controller. I just don’t know if the controller is listed differently in Device Manager than what I saw on the tech sheets.

Also the audio driver that I tried to manually install is listed in programs as installed.

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It can also be a part of the VGA-driver for HDMI

Which VGA-card do you have?

Thanks for the reply Tester 1. Didn’t know that, and wouldn’t have thought of that anyway as this is an older motherboard. But it has only the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Guess I need to solve that problem so I can have extended monitors and see if it will solve the audio problem. Thanks again.

No prob :wink:

Standard VGA Graphics Adapter is an universal-driver from Microsoft. You need to install the complete driver-package from the VGA-manufacturer.

This is the Realtek driver package (link), which covers the on-board audio present on many motherboards. Ideally you should try getting the driver from motherboard or PC manufacturer’s website, as Tester_1 suggests.

I am quite surprised that the driver disappeared just from changing a hard disk. Check the properties of that to see the error, such as whether its a “Could not start” error. If you see that message, it could mean something else is preventing the sound card driver from functioning.

In the worst case scenario, you can pick up a basic USB sound adapter for under $10 or €10.

I still think it´s the HDMI-output which is controlled by the VGA.card (Intel onboard, Nvidia or AMD), not the Realtek-sound

I guess the sound on the headphone or speaker connectors works, am I right?

Sean, I checked that and it said, "could not start(code 10) Thanks.

From a quick check around the web, this looks more like a graphics driver issue as the code 10 error is quite common when the graphics driver is missing. Tester_1 seems correct on this one. :slight_smile:

Try installing the latest Intel Graphics from the following page. Choose the driver according to your processor, for example, if it’s a 6xxx series, then you need the driver for the 6th generation.

The only thing I’m still confused about is that there should be two sound devices shown in that section, i.e. one for the display audio and the second for your sound card. The following shows an example from my PC, although in this example, I also have a USB sound adapter:

Sound controlers

This is a standard look-alike :wink:


No Tester, there is no sound from anywhere. When I click on the sound icon in the notification area it opens a troubleshooter finishes a window opens that says, “igh Definition Audio Device has a driver problem Not found.”

Thanks Sean, will check out the driver site. But in Device manager under: “Sound, video and game controlers” “High Definition Audio Device” is listed with a yellow mark beside it. Can’t tell if it is a queston mark, can’t find my glasses right now, but it is yellow. And the audio works not at all.

Tester, as stated to Sean, nothing like that in Device Manager. On a yellow mark beside the “High Definition Audio Device” listing.

Which mainboard do you have? Which VGA-card, onboard or separate card?

One more thing that came to mind - Have a quick check in the BIOS setup to make sure the on-board audio is enabled. Even if you were not in the BIOS setup, I’ve once seen the on-board audio disable itself before on a PC at my workplace.

Mainboard: D915 GAG

VGA: Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express-Onboard.

Will check that out now.

That could be problematic, the last official driver for the VGA was for Vista

Maybe it´s the easiest way to buy a cheap VGA-card from Nividia to use HDMI

Well, just waiting until I can find a newer board. Thought I found one on e-bay but missed it. Thanks guys for the help.

Don’t really need the audio as I have another desktop in my study that I can use if I need audio. Just one of those people that wants everything working the way it is supposed to. Thanks again.