Can't I decide the track order in Nero 6.0.0?



I find it VERY fustrating that in Nero the program will only do the track order alphabetically.

For example: When I burn copies of my music/demos I want them in a particular track order,not the order Nero decides! (which again by default is alphabetically)

Does anyone know how to solve this problem ???

It is very important that I be able to name my audio tracks (not just mp3s)
and have them in the order I need them to be. Is this asking so much? I don’t think so. Is it time Nero and I went our separate ways ?

I would be grateful for any tips or ideas.

Happy New Year everyone!



@ Bongo 38
I thought you could drag and drop them where you want them to be, but you could try adding track numbers to the front of the titles(01Title1, 02Title2). Just make sure you use a zero before the single digits(‘01’) if you have 10 or more titles on one disc to maintain their alpha-numeric order.


Hi Please,
Your suggestion sounds a bit better than what I’ve been doing which is labeling the tracks: A Title B Title ,etc.
I remember on older versions being able to drag and drop where I pleased but now it jumps into alpha. order.
Am I the only one having this problem?
I think it’s a very bad oversight on Nero’s end if this is how the program is supposed to behave.
Thank you for the reply !