Can't hear sound when playing dvd

I installed an emprex 16x dvd burner on my comp a couple of mths back. From day one I could not hear sound when I played a dvd on my comp.
That does not really bother me too much because I did not buy the burner to watch movies, that is what my 65" mitsubishi is for, but it would be nice if it did work properly.
Any suggestions??

you need to connect something to the back

as far as i know that is unneseccary,you should install ac3 filter


What software do you use to play DVD on your PC?

connect something in the back I mean.

i believe the first reply was for a 4pin audio cable between the drive and sound card like this , but i read on several other threads that its unneseccary , what you really need is a surround decoder get that ac3 filter,alot of dvd playback software come with their own decoder for that but i guess yours doesnt

Does the same on win media player or nero, or even realplayer.

tried both ways on the 4 pin connector… that was a suggestion from a guy at work.
No change either way

i knew that wouldnt make a diffrence,
as alredy said you gotta get that ac3 filter or at least a dvd playback software the above 3 you mentioned are definetly not dvd playback softwares they can play it with certain codecs but… they arent orignally intended for it , if i were you i would get that ac3 filter or a dvd playback software like windvd

Went to the codec website now I am really confused… which one do I use…AC3filter 1.01a RC5/ or 1.01aRC5-mirror/ or AC3filter beta version then add the fix for that one.

this one

Have you tried a music CD to see if you have sound from it. Do you have sound when windows starts (the little windows ditty).

I get all the sounds from my comp and it also plays cds, only problem is when I try to watch a dvd…

did you install ac3filter or not? to what your sound card audio output goes to? reciever/mini stereo etc… and is it connected via analog cable or digital?

Thank you phill… I would have returned earlier but I was testing your fix on my comp.
The site you referred me to did the trick.
THANKS :slight_smile: