Can't get Vision Express to transcode

I have been trying to get Nero Vision Express to transcode a PAL DVD to NTSC DVD for a month now, and still have gotten no where.

It used to be that at some random point into the transcoding process, Vision Express semi-freezes (the preview window locks, you can’t kill the process, but you can still click and operate many of the controls). I emailed Nero, and all I got was a canned response to disable IMAPI and get latest video drivers. I did that, and it didn’t help at all. I’ve tried diabling antivirus, firewall, etc. also…

Well, the newest Nero was just released, so I updated to now the newest version. It’s now worse than before. I can’t even have it load the video files without it dying silently (application just quits with no warning or popup)!

Is there a better alternative to doing PAL to NTSC transcoding? I’ve almost given up on Nero.


did you test divxtodvd ? from or products ?

oups sorry, I read too fast. I didn’t see your input was dvd files.