Can't get update fw ND-2510A to work - HELP

Hi !

Pretty new to this forum, - as registered, but I’ve been reading around all the goods stuff for a while.

After following all the threads for the NEC 2510, I finally grab the creditcard and bought one today.

I checked with dvdinfopro, and the firmware was 2.15, as I suspected it would be. SO - I have read how important it is to change booktype, and to flash to 2.06. I felt pretty proud when I had collected all the information, and downloaded the necc. file and all. BUT - Adam’s trip in Paradise was surely a short one !!! I double-cliked on the file “K251GF60.exe” - and the only thing that happened was that I got an ugly box telling me::: “Target NEC ND-2510A is not found correctly”.

WHAT ??? Please help me out here…

dvdinfopro tells the drive is OK, and I have tested it - run a music cd with it - works fine.

What am I doing wrong ??? Please suggestions - as I would really like to try that DL-thing very soon.

I have’nt tried other flashes then this, becuase I don’t have a clue how I flash from DOS, and as far as I can read, you have to flash from DOS to use that 107v2beta5 file, right ???

Oh - by the way - I use XP Pro.

Please help - I’m pretty new, and have never flashed anything before - afraid to do some wrong thing.