Can't get TYG02 to Burn in 1620

I just bought a BenQ1620 and hooked it up as slave to with BenQ1640 as Master. I can’t get it to burn TYG02 media, it starts the burn get to 8x and fails. I looked into the firmware B7V9 and its say it has 16x capable. I do not understand, it burns all other media but these. I know they are not bad because they burn great in the 1640 and LG 4163. Can anyone help?

Hi Alan. TYG02 has caused issues with some 1620’s in the past. Did you turn off WOPC or leave it on? Try restarting your computer. I have had many issues with both my 1620s when trying to burn TYG02 @12x with WOPC off. Some say restarting the computer will fix the issue so it may be worth a try. If that doesn’t work flash to B7P9 and see if that resolves the problem. I have yet to have a TYG02 burn fail but have had about 5 Maxell 002 DVD+R (MIJ) burns fail in one 1620.

I used Quikees WOPC to turn it off. It burns all my other dash media but not TYG02. I tryed changing the media code to TYG03 with Alas Tool and that didn’t work, I tryed B7W9 and that didn’t work, I will try it with WOPC enabled and see if that works but I can’t under stand why it shows a 16x speed in all the firmwares, I thought it could only be burned at 12x with the 1620. Do you think it could have something to do with QSuite 2.0 being enabled with my 1640 on the same channell. I will try both, turning the WOPC on and flashing B7P9. Thanks for your help, please check back in on me as I am really confused about this. It seems to be just TYG02 media.

Tryed WOPC ON and still can’t burn TYG02 media with my 1620. The last post in the thread " Post your 1620 media is TYG02 with B7W9 with WOPC off and his worked why not mine. I have 3 different kinds of TYG02, TDK, unbranded from Rima and FujiFilm colored TYG02 and none of them work. I am going to try and flash B7P9. I’ll let you know. I sure would like to know why that last post in the Post your 1620 worked.

Mine works right now but has had issues in the past. For your reading enjoyment some issues with TYG02 and the 1620.

B7P9 did not work WOPC off or ON. I have wasted 12 discs already. I am almost to the ppoint of putting my LG back in the tower and shelving this BenQ1620. One last thing I will try is crossflashing to a 1621 if this is possible. Thanks for all your help Crossq. If you know where I can get 1621 firmware and how to cross flash this I would aprreciate the help.

I would try this before going to the crossflash option. I doubt that it’s the drive but somekind of FW bug. I also used Nero general clean tool and had good results then it reverted to problems again. I opened up a case report with BenQ about two months ago and never received a reply. To this day I have no idea why TYG02 causes problems with the 1620. Have you had a Power calibration area full error?

No, but now I have to figure out how to crossflash back to origional firmware.I think this drive is not so good. I will try a few other things and if they dont work, its going on the shelf.

Crossflash back to which FW from which FW?

I downloaded the cvt firmware and flashed back to where I started. B7W9. TYG02 doesn’t work with any firmware for me. Have wasted 15 TYG02 discs. This is really ashame because TYG02 is on BenQs list of certified media. I am glad to know it is just not me but you would think they would have fixed this issue. This drive is nowhere as good as the 1640. I am going to wait for better firmware and put my LG 4163 back in tomorrow. Thanks for all the help. EDIT: Just got a PM that said to try and crossflash to the Philipps 1620 clone. I will wait and see.

If you want to get rid of it, let me know.

Well the issue seems to be different because your burns are failing where the issue I mentioned was just not burning over 8x but the burns always completed succesfully, if that drive is brand new I would return it in a heartbeat along with the 15 wasted disc’s. zevia, pinto2, ninbang, Sportfish, Rangeroad and myself have all had the 8x TYG02 issue but I don’t ever remember any of their burns failing to complete. You have tried all the firmwares and wasted 15 disc’s so I would say you have justification to return or exchange it. Only my opinion though.:slight_smile:

Very Strange problem!!

because i haven’t got single problem burn TYG02 at 16x :bigsmile:

not even one fail yet!!

lo it sound like FW problem!! :doh:

I bought it on Ebay new in the retail box. It was 44.00 delivered. If I want to return it it will cost me a restocking fee + shipping. I really believe it is a firmware issue, but I am going to try and hook it up as master. Right now I have it as slave to my BenQ 1640 which I have set to master. I doubt that will amke a difference but who knows. With 8.00 for shipping and another 10.00 restocking fee I might as well keep it for emergencys. I can always find somebody who doesn’t use TYG02 becuase it burns everything else fine. When someone offers me 25.00 I will take it. I also have a shelf full of other burners and cables so 1 more won’t make me or break me. I took a chance and lost.

Have you tried flashing back to B7L9 yet? See the link I posted in post #7 above, if you haven’t.:wink:

This drive is nowhere as good as the 1640.

Just bud luck I would say, I would have no problem putting my 1620’s up against the 1640’s any time.:flower:

Maybe you got lucky, but the one I have will burn every other media I own and they are all quality media, Taiyo Yuden + and -, Maxell all MIJ, Verbatim 16X and 8X some TYG02 and some MCC004, MCC003, MCCORG20 and 30. The only one that the BenQ1620 quits on is TYG02. It gets to about 2 gig and stops writing, I was thinking maybe its the software but it happened with 4 different programs all at 12x. I tryed once at 8x and it wasn’t very good. I will wait for better firmware, BenQ has to address this at some point.

Like I said try the BL79 trick that may work as it could be like an EEPROM reset as explained by C0deKing in the link I posted. Also will it do a simulated full 12x burn with QSuite? Not that it means any thing just wondering.