Can't get tray on 1620 to open?

I have a Bulk Benq 1620 that I had working before. I reinstalled Win XP and now I can’t get the tray to open. It shows up correctly in device Manager and Nero info(name,speeds,everything) but I can’t eject the tray? I’m using windows drivers not NVidia. As I said it worked fine before,what could be wrong?? I have a CD burner also that opens fine.

I changed mine with same problem to other power cable and it helped.

But mine was working on the same connections before I reinlstalled Win XP.

Mine was working fine too, but suddenly it stopped to open.

Tried another drive in its place. Worked!!!
The BenQ is getting RMA’d tomorrow. Its packed and ready to go.

This happened to me yesterday, and when I rebooted it was fine.

That pinhole eject hole didn’t help one bit either…

You can eject the tray by pushing the button during the bootup process, even before it starts loading XP. At least that’s a way to check if something is OS dependent.

Mine won’t open when using the ejct button, I have to open using the Nero eject tool. When the tray is open is I press the eject button it does close so obviously the button is working ok. Does yours close when you press the button?

Interestingly when I press the eject button (with a CD in the drive) the green light goes out but the tray just doesn’t open.

Very strange