Can't get to language-selection menu after transcoding

I have a tourism video my mother picked up while on vacation in France. It’s in PAL form with multi-language audio, and she wanted me to convert it to NTSC so she can watch it on her TV here in US.

I used latest Vision Express (after many unsuccessful tries with earlier versions), asked it to create my own video by reading the VOB’s from the original DVD, and managed to transcode it to NTSC onto my hard drive. I then used Recode (just in case it didn’t fit) to burn it onto a DVD. The problem is that I seemed to have lost menuing capability somewhere along the way. While I can jump from chapter to chapter, I cannot get to the menu to select the language. Recode shows only one language - a digital 2-channel one, which unfortunately, isn’t English.

I’m guessing in Vision Express that I need to do something to enable language selection menu. Any help would be appreciated.


Take out all but the english soundtrack when you use recode.

The original DVD had 5 language tracks, but after transcoding, I have only one track available (non-English).

Try doing the original dvd with recode, and take out the non-english tracks. Then burn it to a DVD RW and play it in your standalone. Most newer DVD players will play PAL without a problem, even on a NTSC TV.