Can't Get Support for DVDFab

I have written something in the order of 25-30 emails to element5 and DVDFab about this and it is just not possible to get even a simple message understood. I had been using DVD Platinum for a number of years now. Last year I inadvertently ordered it a second time, in a two package bundle. Once I realized my mistake I contacted the vendor and my credit card company and rescinded the order.

Recently I had occasion to upgrade the original software which is supposed to have unlimited upgrades and support. There was a problem with the activation of the upgrade and I contacted DVDFab who told me that I was not eligible for support because I had obtained a chargeback from American Express for the software. I tried to explain this was on a second copy, but I could not make myself understood.

DVDFab insisted that I purchase the software again. I tried to do that, despite the fact that I would be paying for something I already owned. Next ement5 contacted me and indicated that they would not put the order through. Ignoring my explanation of what had happened, they just kept insisting that I send them a fax, authorizing them to re-charge my credit card for the original two package deal. I reluctantly did exactly that, with the written understanding, that this would open up my account and allow me to receive support for the software I was paying for.

After element5 got my fax they sent me a software key. This key doesn’t work. They did nothing, despite about ½ dozen emails to provide any support or contact DVDFab and allow my support to resume with them. Every time I write to either group they tell me that because I have a chargeback I am not eligible for support. So far, for one piece of $50 software, I have spent about $125, and for my money I have gotten software that doesn’t work and I can’t get any support on.

Ironically, I have every confidence that with a little help from DVDFab, that this could easily be straightened out. The software is functioning perfectly in trial mode, but I only have a few days left before the period runs out. More than likely all I need is a working software key.

I have no idea what else to do or whom to write to…

Please read this before you jump to conclusions.

Hi dadrian
you may be able to get this issue fixed if you can show or give them a copy of each email (First time you paid and the second time you paid) that you received from Element 5 which both will show different Order numbers.
When you receive the email from Element 5 it states to keep a copy of the email by printing it out HOPEFULLY you did this if not Element 5 should still have a record of your first Purchase and your second Purchase and that would show that you paid two times for the same product.