Cant get subtitles to work in DVD copy

first when i tried Nero to burn a DVD i got the error that the DVD was protected… then i got the prog AnyDVD that you run while burning ( it removes the protection and region code it says)… i then was able to burn a copy… it played real good it my dvd Teak player… but the prob is… on the original DVD i can select English or French subtitles or no susbtitles… on the original the subtitles work fine… but on the copy i cant get them to work from the menu… do you think i should have used a special double layer dvd blank?..i just used 4.7 gb 4x to 8x DVD-R blank cos this was my first try at burning dvd…:confused:

The size of the used blank DVD is not relevant for subtitles. You just have no quality loss because of compression when you use a 8.5 GB DL DVD.

In Nero you must specify the subtitles you want to have them on your backup.