Can't get stations full screen in DMR-EH50 after RESET

Now that I have the time reset on my DMR-EH50 I cannot hit ENTER and get a picture full screen .

I have to scroll up to the top of the GUIDE and choose SETUP|REVIEW make no changes and hit ENTER. Then I get a picture full screen ( not in the upper left corner of the guide).

Note too that I am no longer getting programming information from Gemstar I have to let my Pana unit on Ch 4 all the time and preset the station I want to record using a Comcast DTA box. I am happy to still be able to use the Pana even tho; it’s not HD or even digital.

Will the guide eventually fill up and say " NO LISTINGS FOUND" or will I always have to go to the top of the guide and go to SETUP each time I want to even watch a program? When I did have the NO LISTINGS message I could hit enter and get the channel to move from the upper left of the guide to full screen. Without the Gemstar or time information being sent will I ever be able to do that again?

I just did this about 45 minutes ago maybe it will eventually display " NO LISTINGS" even without info being sent to the unit?

Thanks to all


The Pana will never show that message again, once connected to the DTA Comcast box there is no information for it to download, not even a time signal.

At least I can use the HD to record one pre programmed station in advance and save and burn it to DVD or delete it.

I still have to go to SETUP to make the thing show s full screen channel.