Can't get some favicons

Yea Yea Yea, so I’m anul-retentive and have some OCD complexes… I like to assign all my Favorite Icons to my links and save them as files so I can never lose them when my IE cache gets cleared out.

I have had trouble obtaining teo favicons from the following two websites:

Can anyone give it a try and if you success please post how.

TIA :slight_smile:

that is indeed rather anally rententive.

Although it is a neat idea.

For one thing, claims to not exist, but that is an entirely different matter.

Okeydoke, solutions time :p.

  1. If your really that anally rententive, try using a reliable and secure browser such as Firefox (Mozilla Firefox)

  2. returns a stupid array of letters and numbers in answer to my quest for a favicon.ico file.

If you still want to have IE and the ico files, try this method if they dont turn up automatically:

  1. goto your favourites, and right click on e.g. (whatever), and then on the right click menu, choose properties.

  2. the resulting window should offer you the option of ‘Change Icon…’

  3. click change icon

  4. on the resulting page, click ‘Browse…’

  5. then, in the ‘Open’ window, type in the address of the website e.g.[u]favicon.ico

[/u]6) Click ‘Open’, then click ok on all of the windows that you brought up in this quest for the icon.

  1. Voila, the icon should be there. For every website, the favicon is always called favicon.ico, or .gif in some cases. this method should work for all of them. :clap:

Get back to me soon.

The 793

sorry, my bad, the link to netflix was .xom and not .com.

And yes, i do that [U]all[/U] the time :slight_smile:

The 793

AH :clap:

oops fixed to .com

I tried all of these methods, I can’t seem to save it as a seperate .ico or a seperate .bmp

It’s no biggie but something I would really like to have. is where netflix stores theirs, i’ll put image at bottom. was harder. It wouldn’t give it to me if I typed it directly in the address bar. Python to the rescue!

import urllib


That got the icon :smiley:

Good luck putting these into your bookmarks.

//I’ll probably remove them in a few days from my server