Can't get satisfactory RICOHJPNR02 burns


I have purchased an NEC 3500 very recently. I immediately switched to LD firmwares and was quite happy with RICOHJPNR01 results. They have been more than perfect. Now… I got a spindle of TDK 8x RICOHJPNR02 discs from a friend in NY and the burns disappointed me no matter what firmware I used. The worst of all was the stock 2.18 (RICOHJPNR02 strat) and the “best” being LD v1.3 (YUDEN000T02 strat)
I checked the media test forum and found a very nice graph burnt with 2.C8 f/w. Tried that but again disappointment. Do I have a worse quality batch?
Another thing: I use a LiteOn 401s@411s FS0K to check the discs but found that FS07 gives much better graphs whereas using dvdinfopro the difference is not that significant between different firmwares. Any ideas? Thanks, Markus from Hungary.

And which attached picture is burned with which firmware ?
There is nothing wrong with the last one and first one…

the 3rd one`s not that bad eather :slight_smile:

1rst one is R01 and 3rd is scanned at 2X :wink:

I have same disappointment here with Platinum R02 either burnt with my NEC 2500 2F8 or my banq 1620 B7S9.

The errors are way to high beginning at 3.5 Gb.

Sorry… forgot about that 2x scan… the firmwares are respectively:

  1. r01/ld final r3
  2. r02/2.18 stock
  3. r02/quikee 2.18 milestone v2
  4. r02/ld final r3

anyways… I’ve already ordered couple of spindles of yudens from Rima :)))

Try to read the media you burned at stock 2.18 firmware, with Nero CD-DVD speed and the NEC 3500A drive. If it does read it at 16x CAV without slowdowns, then I think the kprobe chart is incorrect.

411s produce unreliable results with 8x media…

see HERE for my experience which i abated with a 1633s for scanning and ripping only.

funny thing is for ricohjpnr00 and r01 and all the rest of my 4x media it will read reliably but when i get the 8x media (ricohjpnr02, mcc03, TYT02, ProdiscR03) it reported huge amounts of errors where apparently there were none…

if the media is actually spotty it will show in a transfer rate scan (which is why the reviews have kprobes and transfer rate scans) most likely your reader just plain cannot handle this media.

Here’s a cdspeed transfer rate test. Disc burned @8x (ricohjpnr02 TDK)
It seems that the 401s, 411s can neither burn nor scan -at least this- 8x media correctly.