Can't get rid of optical drive that doesn't exist! Help please!

people I need help! and for starters I’m pretty bad at this technical stuff so any help would be verily appreciated guys. Bascially I’ve got a computer (really???) and I have a DVD drive and a CD drive. On My computer it shows a optical drive?? Whenever I plug new things into my computer via USB, for example MP3 players, Cameras… and that sort, the computer shuts down, and wont start up again until i disconnect it. I thought it might be something to do with the optical drive so I went to task manager tried uninstalling it everything seems good until I click scan for hardware changes, where it just comes back up again with “optical drive?” (by the way what is a frikkin optical drive???) I’v tried restarting the comp before after, and I’m fresh out of ideas because whenever I right click on optical drive in ‘my computer’ and press eject, the DVD drive ejects!! As the same thing happens if I do the same thing on the DVD drive. What have I done, I need help people
any ideas of how to get rid of it or even if their connected? sorry to bother but im a novice and me and computers really don’t go lol any ideas peeps?

cheers, lomas

“I have a DVD drive and a CD drive”

These are your optical drives.