Can't get registration key for DVDFab update

I bought DVDFAb Express from in April 2006. When I tried to update it with the latest DVDFab Gold downloaded from, I was unable to obtain a registration key. I contacted and I was informed that they block the keys from because of a payment dispute. Can anyone help?

Sorry no one can help you on this, the company that you got the product from is not part of

Yeah, this comes up once in a while.


I do like the program, and I paid the equivalent of about $75 for it to a company (Playtron aka that I believed was a genuine affiliate at the time. It now appears that Playtron have gone out of business, leaving me unable to seek a refund. So you can understand if I’m feeling a little p****d off.

Hello Petee
Hope you know that we all in the DVDFab Forum understand your problem and also don’t blame you a bite for being mad and upset, we wish there was a way to help you out on this issue because we know it is not right but our hands are tied on this matter, I know it may be kind of messed up and cost you again but you could buy from the real company, I know that is not what you wanted to hear but it is a thought anyway