Can't get past 18X Burn Speed-What Next?

I just built a new Core 2 Duo system, loaded and have a dvd burners installed. One is a Pioneer and the other is a Samsung.

I generally use CloneCD or Nero for copying cd’s and am stumped because I have great drives and am getting burn speeds of about 15-18x, and that’s really too slow.

Here is what I have tried so far:

Changed drived from CS to master/slave
Made sure DMA is enabled
Changed IDE cable to a new 80 wire
Swapped both burners with a Plextor Premium that always has worked at very fast speeds
Updated all firmware and BIOS

No matter how I have the three drives configured, the speed is slow. I tried Nero cd speed and the best burst rate I can get is 19 mb/s. On my old slow computer, it’s doule that.

The only thing I have not done is a) purchase an SATA burner, or b) buy an IDE controller to get them off the same IDE cable. My Asus P5B board only has one IDE input

Is anyone out there haveing similar problems? I’m not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for reading my boring post!! :rolleyes:

I really need help!!

You got to be kidding. Your only getting 15 to 18x burn speeds. I never heard on anyone getting over 16x. Whats the beef?

Well… I think he mean CD, not DVD.

I’m sorry, I meant cd burning speed.

What is the rated speed on the media you are using? I just got done using up a old spindle of 12X CD-Rs and they would only burn at 16X max.

It should also be pointed out that jreed is attempting to copy ‘on-the-fly’
(If indeed you are the same fellow over at videohelp).