Can't get on the net

Been trying to fix my friends Dell laptop but it’s got me stuffed. It can’t view any web pages even though it dials verifies and connects to the ISP. You can ping the server so TCP/IP is functioning and the connection is good. Ive tried everything I can think of and everything the microsoft help can suggest (though it seemed totally useless). I’m sure the internet explorer properties are correct and my friend sent his settings to Dell who confirmed they were correct. Talking to Dell and the ISP is making me feel like a ping pong ball and it’s driving me crazy. Any suugestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. By the way he is running Window ME

Indeed very strange, i had this once with my old peecee,
it was all because the damn isp’s proxy server was dead.
but i’m sure you would have tried disabling it :slight_smile:

When you say you can ping the server are you talking about a web server or the ISP’s gateway… or???

yes I have tried disabling the use of a proxy and I mean I can ping the web server any ideas you might have would be appreciated as this issue is still unresolved and I’m about to format the harrd drive (as soon as his exams are over) I realise this is a bit drastic but this is the last ditch effort if this doesn’t work I guess it must be the modem and thats gonna suck

CAn you make a connection with any software even the built in ftp?

if nothing connects and you are able to ping it is possible that some elements of the Windows networking is hosed. I would first try reinstalling the Networking components all together to totally eliminate that possibility. Is there a NIC in it?

Back up all settings and make sure you have your OS cd

It has been a while since I used a 9x system but am pretty sure this is the reccomended procedure

To remove and reinstall network components go into the Network properties and remove everything in the list starting from the bottom going to the top. when you are asked to reboot click no. Go into Add Remove Programs / Windows set up and remove Dial up networking. Then reboot

Then reinstall Dial up networking

I/ve unbound tcp/ip from all adapters and reinstalled it and reinstalled the comms port. I’m at aloss I’ll look into your suggestion and tahnks for your help I’ll let you kow how I go.

U might wanna just ditch winme and try 98 or 2000… cuz me will make weird stuff like that happen…:slight_smile:

Dell (f$#%ers) say if I change the OS I void the warranty. I can’t understand why.

Dell (f$#%ers) say if I change the OS I void the warranty. I can’t understand why.

You are only covered for hardware under warranty…if something happens, then format the drive, they will not suspect anything.

works with compaq anyways ;p

That will only work Huzzy if I reinstall windows ME which I’d prefer not to do, but thanks for the tip anyway.

takes 10 minutes to backup old work, format and re-install winme.

you should have some restore disks that allow you to re-image the laptop in like 4 minutes.

Your right I didn’t think about it. I’ll make a ghost image and install 2000 for him. That should sort everything out.

you mean i voided my warranty by using xp pro? i think they should give me a new one, since the bstrds sent me a pc with ME in the first place. hmphf.