Can't get Nero 7 Ultimate to burn CD-Rs


I have the latest version of Nero 7 Ultimate and I am having the strangest problem. I can burn Video DVDs… I can burn Data DVDs… I can burn CD-RWs with anything on them and its cool. But, when I try to do audio on a CD-R, the whole process explodes, it messes up a perfectly brand new CD-R and then it gives me a “burn process failed” command. I try to copy the whole disc… it bombs. I try to select the individual tracks and reassemble the CD… it bombs! Everything starts up fine… then it gets stuck in the “lead in” (although the counter is moving) and then process over… total bomb with dish in trash. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am going crazy with this! My drive is a Pioneer DVR-K16RA on an Acer 1640 laptop. Thanks so much! Rick (pulling his hair out… arrrrggghhhhhh!) :sad:

Try to isolate the problem by burning your CD-R with other programs like Imageburn or CD Speed and find out if the problem is only Nero or me be with your burner.

For Audio CDs there’s a much better way than Nero. It’s Burrrn ( , it’s free , handles a greater range of input formats and usually works when Nero fails.

BTW , welcome to Cd Freaks.

Thanks you for the suggestions… and thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: Will check out burn right now. Rick :bow: