Can't get my NEC 3520A to burn lower than 2x

I’m trying to back up my old PSone games and everywhere I go says to burn at 2x, however I cannot choose a speed lower than 8x. I’ve used Nero and Alcohol 120% and both programs had 8x as the lowest I could write CD-Rs at. Is there anything I do about this? My main thing is, that I want the back up game to be high quality, and anything I can do to get moving in that general direction would be good. Also, if this is topic is already covered somewhere, could someone point me towards the thread, because I can’t seem to find what I need to know no matter how many forums and search engines I try.

NEC 3520A CD/DVD (-r,+r,-rw,+rw) 1.4 ghz p4, verbatim cd-rs (48x I believe… maybe 52x, i threw out the label that was wrapped around the spindle)

To my knowledge you can’t burn lower than 4x with CD-Rs with most media and contemporary burners. Try getting yourself some 16x Fujis (TY) and you should be able to get down to 4x.

Try to find an old version of CloneCD, around version 4. I have checked out my old copy and it says that I can get my NEC 3500 to burn a CD at 1X. I haven’t tested it but it might work for you.

Possibly a newer version would work as well. Post over in the CloneDVD forum and Olli might know.

Hey look at that! My next post is number 1000.

not here though burn them at 8X, your using decent verbatim cd`s.

1X burn speed is a myth. Try quality Made in Japan media. You shouldn’t have issue with 4X or 8X CD-R burn speed.